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A documentary television company founded and operated by three-time Peabody Award winning filmmaker George Roy

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Peabody Awards

  • When it Was a Game — HBO

  • Babe Ruth — HBO

  • Fists of Freedom: The Story of the 68 Summer Games — HBO

Emmy Awards

  • Outstanding Sports Documentary-The Curse of the Bambino — HBO

  • Best Program Achievement- Fields of Fire: Sport’s in the 60’s — HBO

  • Outstanding Edited Sports Series- SportsCentury — ESPN

  • Film Editing-When It Was A Game ll — HBO

  • Film Editing- Babe Ruth — HBO

CableAce Awards (2)

Television Critics Association Award

WorldFest-Houston-Gold Jury Award

Chicago International Film Festival — Gold Hugo Award

Columbus International Film Festival — The Chris Award

San Francisco International Film Festival — Golden Gate Award

10-time Cine Golden Eagle Award winner

It all began with

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George Roy


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